Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

IND!ETECTOR Charts 10.12.2012

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1.(1)  4wks  Foals "Inhaler"

2.(2)    6wks   Atlas Genius "If so" 
3.(5)    8wks   Bloc Party "Truth"
4.(7)    6wks   Two Door Cinema Club "Sun" 
5.(4)   14wks   Muse "Madness"           Stepdad "My leather, my fur, my nails"
7.(3)    8wks   Northeast Party House "Stand tall"
8.(12)   6wks   Swiss Lips "In the water" 
9.(8)   18wks   Two Door Cinema Club "Sleep alone" 
10.(6)   8wks   Victories At Sea "Poles apart"

11.(9)   6wks   Chvrches "The mother we share"
12.(11) 10wks   Yeasayer "Reagan´s skeleton" 
13.(19)  6wks   Gold Fields "Dark again"
14.(10) 12wks   The Rubens "My gun"  
15.(13)  8wks   City Calm Down "Pleasure and consequence"
16.(18)  4wks   Muse "Panic station" 
17.(14) 18wks   The Vaccines "Teenage icon"
18.(16)  2wks   Madness "My girl 2" 
19.(23)  4wks   Feed Me & Crystal Fighters "Love is all I got" 
20.(15) 10wks   The Van Jets "Danger zone" 
21.(17) 10wks   The xx "Chained"          Young Dreams "Fog of war"
23.(24)  2wks   Pet Shop Boys "Leaving" 
24.(28)  4wks   M83 "Ok Pal" 
26.(21) 10wks   Strange Talk "Cast away" 
27.(26)  8wks   Gossip "Move in the right direction" 
28.(22)  4wks   Team Ghost "Dead film star" 
29.(31)  8wks   Spector "Friday night, don´t ever let it end" 
30.(29)  8wks   The Killers "Carry me home" 
31.(38)  2wks   Bastille "Flaws" 
32.(30)  6wks   Shields "Mezzanine"          The Rolling Stones "Doom and gloom" 
34.(49)  2wks   Imagine Dragons "It´s time"
35.(35)  8wks   Dog Is Dead "Talk through the night"
36.(33)  2wks   Whitemoor "High lights"          Swim Deep "Honey          IAMX "The unified field"
39.(37)  4wks   Chvrches "Lies" 
40.(40)  6wks   Roosevelt "Sea"
41.(20) 10wks   Willow "We walk alone"          Peace "Wraith"          Reptile Youth "Heart blood beat"  
44.(36) 14wks   Beat Club "Faces"          Passion Pit "Carried away"
46.(48)  2wks   Oh Minnows "Hurry"
47.(46)  4wks   Last Dinosaurs "Zoom"
48.(32)  6wks   Infadels "Jupiter 5"
49.(39)  4wks   The Presets "Promises"          City Calm Down "Sense of self"