Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

IND!ETECTOR Charts 29.10.2012

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TW LW   wks

1.(1)   8wks Muse "Madness"
2.(2)   4wks Yeasayer "Reagan´s skeleton"        Atlas Genius "If so"
4.(4)  12wks Two Door Cinema Club "Sleep alone"
5.(5)   6wks The Rubens "My gun"
6.(22)  2wks Northeast Party House "Stand tall" 
7.(14)  2wks Victories At Sea "Poles apart"
8.(7)  12wks The Vaccines "Teenage icon"
9.(9)   2wks Chvrches "The mother we share" 
10.(3)  8wks Visitors "Oxygen"
11.(10) 2wks City Calm Down "Pleasure and consequence"       Two Door Cinema Club "Sun"
13.(31) 2wks Bloc Party "Truth" 
14.(18) 4wks Willow "We walk alone"
15.(8)  4wks The xx "Chained"
16.(6) 10wks Maximo Park "The undercurrents"
17.(32) 2wks Night Engine "I´ll make it worth your while" 
18.(20) 4wks The Van Jets "Danger zone"
19.(15) 6wks Big Sixes "Kidding myself"
20.(11) 8wks Computers Want Me Dead "Little steps"
21.(13) 2wks The Killers "Carry me home" 
22.(19) 6wks The Black Keys "Gold on the ceiling"       Gold Fields "Dark again" 
24.(16) 4wks Saint Motel "You do it well" 
25.(17) 8wks The 1975 "The city"
26.(29) 4wks Strange Talk "Cast away"
27.(24) 2wks Dog Is Dead "Talk through the night"
28.(12) 4wks The Plastics "Best pretenders"       Swiss Lips "In the water" 
30.(39) 8wks Beat Club "Faces"   
31.(33) 2wks Gossip "Move in the right direction"
32.(37)16wks Spector "Celestine"
33.(21)10wks The Cast Of Cheers "Human elevator"
34.(27) 2wks Spector "Friday night, don´t ever let it end"       Shields "Mezzanine"       The Presets "Ghosts"
37.(25) 2wks  We Are The Physics "Napoleon loves Josephine"       Post War Years "Glass house"       Roosevelt "Sea"
40.(30) 4wks Silversun Pickups "The pit"
41.(45) 8wks Beat Club "Something better"
42.(46) 6wks Casablanca "Yes"
43.(38) 8wks Kids Of 88 "LaLa"
44.(36) 8wks  Atlas Genius "Symptoms"       Infadels "Jupiter 5"       Hooray For Earth "Never"
47.(49)14wks Scissor Sisters "Somewhere"
48.(28)10wks Two Wounded Birds "To be young"
49.(34) 2wks The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart "Jeremy"
50.(43) 4wks SOS "A challenge to the dark"