Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

!ND!ETECTOR Mixtape #2

Get your copy of the !ND!ETECTOR Mixtape! Give me your votes for the biweekly IND!ETECTOR Charts, send me your email adress and then get the download link! (

Artificial Brothers - Oh my God.mp3
Bearstronaut - Roger was a dancer.mp3
Big Sixes - Kidding myself.mp3
Cheatahs - Coared.mp3
Cruiser - The Fritz.mp3
Cuba Cuba - We rode.mp3
Customs - Samstag, Im Lido.mp3
Expo - I don´t mind.mp3
Foreign Office - Leaving the house.mp3
General Fiasco - Bad habits.mp3
Glass Towers - Tonight.mp3
Holy Pistol Club - Pray for the stars.mp3
Life In Film - The idiot.mp3
Light Asylum - Dark allies.mp3
Little Night Terrors - Young lion.mp3
MMX - Follow.mp3
New Cassettes - Silent guns.mp3
Northeast Party House - Stand tall.mp3
Saint Motel - At least I have nothing.mp3
Silversun Pickups - The pit.mp3
Skeletal Family - Promised land.mp3
SOS - A challenge to the dark.mp3
Strange Talk - Cast away.mp3
Swim Deep - Honey.mp3
Swim Deep - King City.mp3
The Cast Of Cheers - Family.mp3
The Good Natured - Skeleton.mp3
The Limousines - Temptation.mp3
The Plastics - Best pretenders.mp3
The Swing Movement - Disaster.mp3
The XX - Chained (Ghost Tropic Edit).mp3
Victories At Sea - Poles apart.mp3
Voltaire Twins - Solaris.mp3
We Barbarians - Headspace.mp3
We Need Surgery - Go! Go! Go!.mp3
Willow - We walk alone.mp3
Y Luv - Keep it rollin.mp3
Yeasayer - Reagan´s skeleton.mp3