Sonntag, 16. September 2012

Indietector Charts 17.09.2012

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TW LW   wks

1.(1)   6wks Two Door Cinema Club "Sleep alone"
2.(2)   6wks The Vaccines "Teenage icon"
3.(11)  2wks Visitors "Oxygen" 
4.(3)   4wks Maximo Park "The undercurrents"
5.(18)  8wks Oh Dear Vegas! "Modern love"
6.(6)   2wks Muse "Madness" 
7.(8)   2wks Hot Chip "Night and day" 
8.(4)   2wks Computers Want Me Dead "Little steps" 
9.(7)   4wks The Cast Of Cheers "Human elevator"
10.(10) 2wks The 1975 "The city"
11.(15) 6wks Knives At Noon "Handshake of the heartache"       The Rubens "My gun" 
13.(16) 4wks Two Wounded Birds "To be young"
14.(19) 2wks Metric "Speed the collapse"
15.(33) 2wks Kids Of 88 "LaLa" 
16.(49) 2wks Mirrors "Hourglass" 
17.(37) 8wks Outfit "Everything all the time"  The Black Keys "Gold on the ceiling"
19.(47)12wks Capital Cities "Kangaroo court" 
20.(28) 2wks The Ghosts "Forgetting what we know"  Zulu Winter "We should be swimming"
22.(5)  6wks David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels "In love and war"
23.(12) 2wks Beat Club "Something better"
24.(29) 2wks General Fiasco "The age you start losing..."
25.(17) 2wks Reptile Youth "Shooting up sunshine"
26.(23) 2wks Ladyhawke "Blue eyes"  Awolnation "Kill your heroes" 
28.(30) 8wks Scissor Sisters "Somewhere"
29.(20) 2wks Atlas Genius "Symptoms"  Detachments "Out of my hands" 
31.(25) 2wks Sticky Fingers "Caress your soul"       Stillwater Giants "Not like the others"
33.(21)16wks Crocodiles "Endless flowers"
34.(35) 4wks Stars "Hold on when you get love..."       Big Sixes "Kidding myself"
36.(9) 10wks Spector "Celestine"       Fairchild Republic "Stay young"
38.(31) 4wks Swiss Lips "Danz"       Uniqplan "This makes sense"       Casablanca "Yes" 
41.(14) 2wks Delta Spirit "California"       Gossip "Move in the right direction"  Willow "Sweater" 
44.(36) 2wks Beat Club "Faces" 
45.(39) 2wks Dappled Cities "Born at the right time" 
46.(22) 8wks Wilhelm Tell Me "Favorite sound"
47.(34) 2wks Cub Scouts "Do you hear" 
48.(50)10wks Civil Twilight "Shape of a sound" 
49.(32) 4wks Infadels "Jupiter 5"
50.(40) 2wks The 10:04´s "Lights out"