Sonntag, 26. August 2012



If anyone´s interested in taking part creating the biweekly released IND!ETECTOR CHARTS here´s the link to work on it:



1) In the sheet you can see a list of the previous top 50 + all songs I presented in my blog during the last few weeks. All songs are linked with an audio stream. Click them to see the link.

2) You have to create your own top 10 out of the suggested songs. Add your name in line 1 and then spread your points (20 points for your #1, 19 points for your #2 and so on). The sum of all given points should be 155. If you have a little bit more time to spend I´m also happy to get a TOP 20 (20 points for your #1 up to 1 point for your #20).

3) The deadline for voting is every Sunday 3:00 pm CET in all even weeks. Afterwards the access will be blocked. The IND!ETECTOR CHARTS will be released on the following Monday.

4) To make it fun for us all please don´t change any other chart. Anyone clowning will be excluded for the future. Beyond that there will be only personal permit after that.

5) All your changes are saved immediately.

6) After the charts have been released on Monday all entries in the spreadsheet will be deleted and we are going to start from the beginning.

7) The list will be updated after I blogged something new so that any new song will be selectable.

8) Anyone taking part in creating the IND!ETECTOR CHARTS will get the bi-weekly released IND!ETECTOR MIXTAPE always presenting 20 new and amazing tunes. You only have to send me your email adress to
Any questions? If so feel free to contact me.

I hope this will be great fun for us all. It would be fantastic if there would be a huge attendance in order to make the IND!ETECTOR CHARTS a weighty part of the world of indie pop.